I like your tutorial for explaining how to create this feature, and I think I got most of it. However, what I am tying to do is simply str_replace a ” for a ” in the post data before it is sent to the database. I am using to update my wordpress blog via email, except posterous formats all my paragraphs using open ‘….’ tags and when that gets posted to wordpress I no longer have any paragraphs and the whole post is strung together. I figure adding a before the , just in the post content, would give it a line break. Would this be a matter of simply creating the function in functions.php? or would I need to add it to post.php itself? Thanks, any help on this would be appreciated.

I’m sorry, I forgot html tags don’t display (hence the whole point of your post). I’ve read all the help files on posterous and all it says it it ‘can’ post to wordpress, which it does. However, after posterous posts my email to wordpress, there are no paragraph tags, and the whole post is all one big long paragraph. Instead of paragraph tags, posterous formats each paragraph with blank <div>...</div> tags. All I want to do is filter the post content and add a <br> in front of any <div> it fines in the post. Hopefully this will break up the post into it’s specific paragraphs, adding line breaks between them, making it more readable. I’m assuming I can do this by using str_replace via the wp_insert_post_data function, but I’m not sure how best to write it, or where to place this code.

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