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Tips, tricks, and tidbits of working with WordPress. Writing functions that work to extend the WP core and extend the user experience. Developing for needs vs. wants. Using WordPress as a CMS. Extending WordPress beyond. (11 Articles)

The WordPress MU-Plugins Directory: An Overview

When I first started using the mu-plugins directory on my WordPress projects I mainly used it to house my must-use plugins that the site required in order to function properly. I did this mainly to ensure my clients wouldn't accidentally deactivate or (worse) delete a plugin and inadvertently break their…

Including a Template File from Your WordPress Plugin

Just some sample code for future reference.

Adding and Filtering Raw HTML in WordPress Posts

How to avoid manually encoding code in WordPress posts.

Digging Into the WordPress functions.php File

In this article, we’ll discuss some recommended useful functions to include in your WordPress “functions.php” file.

Adding a Custom ID to the Body Element in WordPress

In this article we’ll discuss an easy way to add a custom, dynamic ID to the body element on your WordPress Posts and Pages

Customizing the WordPress body_class() Function

In this article we'll discuss a short script to add custom classes to the body element of your WordPress page template.

How to Paginate a Custom WordPress Query Loop

On a recent project for a client I needed a way to have a WordPress Page contain both static content editable by the client and dynamic content added/updated every time they made a new Post. Additionally the dynamic content had to be paginated. Ultimately the goal was to a have…