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Writing plugins that work to extend the WP core and extend the user experience. Developing for needs vs. wants. Plugin compatibility. (6 Articles)

The WordPress MU-Plugins Directory: An Overview

When I first started using the mu-plugins directory on my WordPress projects I mainly used it to house my must-use plugins that the site required in order to function properly. I did this mainly to ensure my clients wouldn't accidentally deactivate or (worse) delete a plugin and inadvertently break their…

Including a Template File from Your WordPress Plugin

Just some sample code for future reference.

WP True Typed — a WordPress Plugin to Fight Comment Spam

This is the official plugin page for WP True Typed, an anti-spam plugin to protect your site from comment spam.

WP Post Encode — a WordPress Plugin for Including Raw Code in Posts

This is the official plugin page for WP Post Encode, a WordPress plugin for including raw code in your posts.

WP Columnize — a WordPress Plugin for Creating Columns in Posts

This Wordpress plugin allows you to easily create multiple columns within your posts. It’s perfect for breaking up large blocks of text in a magazine or newspaper‐style format. Formatting your content into a multi-column layout breaks the uniformity of a long post and adds visual appeal to an otherwise large…

WP Snapshot — A multi‐use WordPress Plugin for Getting a Snippet of Text

Use WP Snapshot to auto‐generate meta‐descriptions Post summaries Page summaries and more. If you’re tired of manually writing your meta descriptions or post excerpts and want an easy way to grab a snippet of text to use on your Archive pages then this plugin is the time saver you’re looking…