Can you tell me if this also works on links in RSS feeds (inbound). It doesn’t seem to be working for those (or any link for that matter).

I’ve followed the instructions to the letter, but alas, no luck.

Thanks for you work on this script, it’s a great idea!

You may have another javascript that is incompatible with this script. Or it may not be enqueing properly. Can you see the link to the script in the source code of your header?

Thanks for the script, it works great.
@barry Laminack: it works as well as in post or widget. The problem maybe the name of updated script that we download is jquery_externalLinks.js but on the example on how to put code reference to the header.php is .
Script name with s – jquery_externalLinks.js
Code reference w/o s – jquery_externalLink.js

Hi thanks for the script But Im new at all this ! Can you instale this for me and what code do I right my links in ? When I wont to put an exsternale link to a nother site. Pleas email me if you can do this and I’ll give you my login to my site !! Thanks JD

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